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The Scythians or Scyths were an Ancient Iranian people of horse-riding nomadic pastoralists who throughout Classical Antiquity dominated the Pontic-Caspian steppe, known at the time as Scythia. By Late Antiquity the closely-related Sarmatians came to dominate the Scythians in this area. Much of the surviving information about the Scythians comes from the Greek historian Herodotus (c. 440 BC) in his Histories and Ovid in his poem of exile Epistulae ex Ponto, and archaeologically from the exquisite goldwork found in Scythian burial mounds in Ukraine and Southern Russia.

Scythians Photo List
Picture 1 - Scythians Picture Slideshow
Picture 2 - Image of Scythians
Picture 3 - Scythians
Picture 4 - Scythians Wallpaper
Picture 5 - Ancient Iranian people

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