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Atahualpa, Atahuallpa, Atabalipa, or Atawallpa (March 20, 1497 Cuzco, Peru Cajamarca, July 25, 1533), was the last Sapa Inca or sovereign emperor of the Tahuantinsuyu, or the Inca Empire. Born in what is now Cuzco,Peru, Atahualpa was the offspring of Inca Huayna Capac and Pacha Duchicela, a Puruha princess and first-born of Cacha Duchicela.The union was a politically expedient one, as the Puruhas had been conquered by Inca Huayna Capac's father, Inca Tupac-Yupanqui some years earlier, and there being still elements of revolt among the people.

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